about your life coach


   I am a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor in the state of Maryland and hold a certification as a Holistic Wellness Life Coach. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, as well as a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Possessing a background in mental health helps me better understand my clients' behaviors, thought processes and how to unveil and resolve core issues. The training and education I received gives me an advantage while operating as a Holistic Wellness Life Coach. A combination of skills and techniques allows me to accurately identify what plagues you, and helps me to understand the complexities that comes with each individual.


   I am experienced in providing therapy and coaching to children, adolescents, adults, veterans and families. I have helped countless clients in resolving difficult problems that have prevented them from moving forward in their lives. I am familiar with those seeking clarity and purpose, anyone needing to define the meaning of life, and people that are just in need of a little guidance in order to take the next steps. In fact, I was one of these kinds of people myself at one point, which gives me first hand experience in what my clients go through. In addition to the services I can provide, I have a proven background with career development. I have collaborated with over 100  clients designing winning resumes and cover letters. In today's world you need to stand out beyond just a piece of paper and having a social media presence gives the extra push above the competition. With this in mind, I aim to propel my clients into the forefront through developing LinkedIn profiles, coaching through interview preparation, and using motivational interviewing strategies. I have worked with both international and domestic clients seeking to invest in their pursuit for a career. 


   My approaches are strengths-based, solution focused and client centered. The basis of my holistic approach is an 'outside-in, inside-out' model. This model is of great benefit in searching deeply for the origin of conflict that the person may be experiencing. Often we aim to solve superficial issues without doing the work to dig a bit more deeper to settle it at its' core. We know that we have a problem when it manifests to the surface, however, this is a symptom, not the disease. This model identifies the issue presenting itself and then works inwards to identify where the problem originates. With your hard work and the use of this model, we work together to reach the center and rectify the problem. In doing so, you heal and are able to move forward with long lasting results.

   In addition, I am also trained and certified as a Mindfulness Instructor. I possess a deep interest in alternative treatments that can aid those who are open to trying something new when all other treatments may have not yielded desirable results. You are the expert in your life and I customize my approaches based on the needs of the person


   I have a natural love for helping people and an innate ability to connect with others regardless of their background or age. My passion for people and seeing others succeed in life is what motivates me to work with you. My aim is to help you find balance and assist you in the achievement of your goals in a way that brings long term satisfaction. Or, maybe you just need someone who understands your point of view and can sympathize with your issues. I can offer you that sense of understanding. Having experienced some trying times myself, I can empathize with struggles that life can bring. My personal life experiences, and my formal education and training has prepared me to serve as a tool to aid others in becoming the best version of themselves.