Online Bootcamp for Couples Course

The Online Relationship Remedy Bootcamp for Couples is not therapy or counseling. It’s a bootcamp with serious games that brings couples together. We offer tool, methods and is cost-effective. I made it simple, down to earth, and practical.

The Online Relationship Remedy Bootcamp for Couples is a live online experience that includes seminars, workbook exercises, closeness building serious games. The experience will reveal your most authentic selves which fosters closeness, transparency and trust.

Our collective intent is to see each other and develop a readiness reflex for advancing the relationship, increasing common connections and affinity to create stronger emotional bonds that will make you in tune with one another. It offers all the right tools to help you with open up hidden feelings, attitudes and experiences previous left undisclosed. It will also help you work on creating a home where openness reigns and bring passion back into your relationship.

The Online Relationship Remedy Bootcamp for Couples helps you and your lover(s) discover the power of transparency, learn new ways to fortify the bonds between each other, learn why it’s important to detach from self-centeredness, find ways to find meaning through understanding each other with more depth than ever and eliminate repetitive superficial small talk that stifles relationship progress.

Who is this Bootcamp for?

This bootcamp is for all couples (and singles who are dating) in a relationship who want to stay connected, gain emotional responsiveness, and validate and care for each other’s disclosed needs. This experience is designed to achieve life and relationship balance, and learn new ways to stay connected through intimacy and love by removing hidden aspects of self in a safe space amongst other couples. In addition, this bootcamp will help you form a relationship identity while helping you to remove your publicly constructed self without damaging the relationship.  It will also help both of you work towards a foundation for a powerful, ethically aware future together that will lead into developing a habit of ever increasing mindfulness of each other’s core beings. It will also help to identify sources of resistance to transparency in the relationship.

This powerful relationship remedy is also for couples who are experiencing disconnection and frustration due to a lack of transparency. Designed with your concerns in mind this remedy will save you from the trauma of heartbreak and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, alimony and child support. This is more than a proactive solution but a preemptive remedy to relationship problems.  I encourage you to register for this Online Relationship Remedy Bootcamp for Couples as an excellent way to highlight the motivations and means both of you require to make positive changes and learn new skills to overcome the most challenging aspects of your relationship.  I want you to succeed in building a new foundation of intimacy and having a long-lasting future together. I want you to rediscover each other to merge as one — mentally, morally and physically. Relationships are supposed to be engaging and fun. Not complicated and closed off.  

Will This Course Help YOU?

YES! It will help you remove walls that come after the honeymoon period diminishes, so you don’t end up eroding trust and syphoning the spirit of your partner.  The Online Relationship Remedy Bootcamp for Couples is a program to help you discover aspects that brings safety and light areas of dissatisfaction to incorporate solutions that work.

Are You Dealing With The Following Problems?

  • You know you have intimacy problems and don’t know how to fix them.
  • You are struggling to develop and maintain your relationship and want to make longterm changes.
  • You’re tired of trying to make it work and want a reset to reshape the future of your relationship.
  • You want to refrain from having dual identities which interrupts trust building.
  • You want to develop an ongoing process that continuously promotes healthy relationship development.

    Building A Foundation For Now And Your Future.

    Make time to work on your problems before it’s too late.  Put the energy into building your relationship through positive actions, mindfulness, and effective communication.  If you put the effort into working on your issues, you can prevent your relationship from collapsing resulting in a costly separation or divorce.

    Problems don’t go away; you need to be responsible and take action to find solutions. This experience offers information, methods, and knowledge on how to work together as a Team.

    Relationships take work and if you put the work into it, you will get results. Are you ready to make positive changes in your life and your relationship? Yes!

    Supporting – Respectful – Faithful



    When you first meet a person you fall in love, and everything is wonderful. You have fun and discover new things about each other. Responsibility sets in and you purchase a home, have kids, your job becomes more demanding because you need to financially support your family, and the more responsibility starts to create stress. Your finances become tight with all the added expenses and the life you had before starts to change. You become unhappy, stressed, anxiety sets in, and you start to argue and disagree with everything.

    You feel like you are in a prison because it becomes all about the kids, finances, and work. There is no fun anymore and you start to grow apart or feel lonely. 


    You may be actively dating or looking to attempt to dive back into the dating pool and have had little success dating in the past. You may be wondering what it is you are doing wrong, or you may be experiencing doubt, pessimism about ever meeting someone who will align with you. This experience can help you learn the strategies that will help you navigate in the world of dating more successfully and with confidence as it aids in defining your expectations, relationship identity and gaining skill in how to know what to look for when selecting the proper mate. 

    REMEMBER THIS: Relationships DO NOT have to fail, you can be a team and work together, you just need to find the right tools to build a respectful, committed relationship. Be supportive during the good and the bad days. 

    Let me help you get there. 

    This remedy has all the right tools to help you create a successful relationship.

    This is an impactful, engaging and fun experience with information, workbook exercises while having a bit of fun along the way! It also includes a 30 minute live consult with me as your coach, along with a complimentary 3-day access to our Relationship Game, all of which you can do within comfort of your own home with your partner. See this experience as an investment in yourself and relationship, and for you singles, a way to help you curtail.

    Transparency is Key

    • Start having more REAL conversations that lead to understanding and increased awareness
    • Gain clarity by way of asking strategic questions with depth and purpose
    • Promote oneness and cohesion with your partner
    • Minimizing small talk that results in non-disclosed and unexpressed desires and expectations
    • Feel more confident in expressing your feelings and talking about the issues that you’re having
    • Actively listening and comprehending what is being said
    • Fostering how to make each other feel wanted, loved and special which births compassion and strong emotional bonds.


    After completing the Online Relationship Remedy Bootcamp for Couples event and the survey, you will receive the link to download your PDF workbook.  Some of the exercises are to be completed individually and with your partner. Ensure to discuss the work exercises with your partner prior to moving to the next module.

    Commitment To Safety in Disclosure

    Creating a safe space for you and your partner to be transparent and to have conversations that have direction, purpose and meaning is critical. Reciprocation is key when it comes to being open with one another. Having a thoughtful response (not reaction) to what your partner is revealing to you should be absorbed in a non-judgmental way. Without an atmosphere that will prevent either party from expressing themselves in the most authentic way.

    Are You Ready?

    To make positive changes in your relationship that will last. To learn create an everlasting relationship built on happiness, transparency, authenticity, and complete trust. To date better without the stress AND with the tact to know how to properly vet prospects to find the right person for you. Prevent destructive arguments and hurtful feeling that will quickly deter Willing to put the work into fixing problems instead of creating them. This is your chance! The Boot Camp Course for couples is more effective than a self-help book, online podcast, or other online.

    Let’s Get to Work!

    If you are seeking to deepen connections with your partner or potential mate, and are ready to identify strategies to help you achieve such then you are on your way! Learn to prevent future relationship strain or choosing the wrong partner which can cost you emotionally, mentally, energetically and of course financially.


    Once you register you will receive further details of each module and a link for online access to the event.

    If you have any questions or experience any difficulty with registration please feel free to email me at for more information.