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Career Services

Whether you are new to the working world or a seasoned executive, you are in the right place to get all of the necessary career documents customized to you. For new professionals, it is imperative that your resume shines just as bright as you are to get your foot in the door for the job of your dreams. Even experts in their field need to update their resumes to reflect progress, new projects, and other accomplishments earned along the way.  You may be thinking, 'I can just write this thing myself.' Long gone are the days when we hand deliver a hard copy version of your resume. Hiring Recruiters are overwhelmed with potential applicants. Many of them never have a chance if not formatted properly and customized with the industry's keywords, phrases, and terms. Thanks to the ATS that 85% of employers use to screen applicants and fill their vacancies. So, let's be honest, do you really have time to write a resume yourself? Let a professional do it for you and help you stand out in a pool of hundreds of people who are applying for the same position.














Your custom resume and cover letter will be optimized for the ATS, it will quantify and highlight the results of your work in an impactful way by using active language, and will be written by an expert that understands your careerfield. 

What is a resume without a cover letter? Did you know that recruiters are more likely to choose an applicant with a cover letter? It shows that you'd go the extra mile even if the job posting did not require one. It also helps to give recruiters an opportunity to get to know you in a more personable tone as your cover letter serves as a more elaborate glimpse into your personality and who you are as a professional. 

If you really want to be taken serious, and are looking to remain connected to your professional circle without connecting through more personal socials like Instagram or even Facebook, having an up to date LinkedIn profile is best. 93% of hiring recruiters are using LinkedIn to seek out new hires. What is beneficial about having a complete LinkedIn profile is that it helps signficantly with your job search. Recruiters can come looking for you if you set your account up as 'looking for work' where they can identify you based on the talents, skills and key words that are in your profile. 

Ready to get hired?  Book a service or consultation below.

But does this work?

Most career clients are comfortable with booking the service they need on line below. All communications can be done via email or text to allow for ease in asking and answering any questions during the revision process. However, you are free to book a consult (the cost of your consult will be applied to the career package that you choose).

Once you connect with your coach and send over a draft of your existing resume (if you have one), you will be asked to elaborate on or answer any questions regarding your resume, define your goals for your resume (is this an update or for a new job), and ask any questions to your coach (all of which can be done via phone, email or text). 

Afterwards, your coach will begin working immediately on your project. There is typically a 5-7 day turnaround* for the first draft. Be aware that the first document sent to you is considered the 'first draft.' You will be given 5 business days to review and to request changes to your document. There is a 48 turnaround for changes.**

At the conclusion of the drafting and revision process, you will have working documents on hand to help you achieve your career aspirations. If you are an active job seeker and if you have not obtained an interview within 90-days*** your resume will be re-written free of charge. 

Let's get started on your new career documents!

* turnaround times may change according to caseload
** revision turnaround times may change according to caseload
***you will have to provide proof that you have been applying to jobs

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