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This product is a licensed property registered by Finally You LLC. It is for educational uses only and to be used by the purchaser. It shall not be copied or distributed for commercial use. Any attempt to use this product for anything other than personal use will require consent from the sole owner and creator of this product (Finally You LLC). This product is not a substitution for therapy or life coaching and can be used as a supplemental document for your sessions with a professional.



You are free to download and print and use it for your own personal use.

Copying, distributing and re-selling is prohibited.

From Triggered to Transformed Workbook

  • This workbook will help you along your healing journey by helping you to turn your triggers into pathways for healing. It will help you to train your brain to connect triggers to traumas, then to safely process those traumas so that you may heal. This will help you enhance your ability to regulate your emotional reactivity and recondition the sympathetic nervous system to respond appropriately and effectively to trigger points. It may help to deepen the connection to your inner self while helping to identify, understand and create a new response to past traumas. We do not have to be held captive to our triggers and our past. Regain the power over your body, mind, and spirit. You can do it and it is very possible to achieve a deeper sense of peace!

    Print out an activity sheet for each trigger that you identify and work through them using conscious connections to see where and why you need healing. This is also helpful to use in your therapy/coaching sessions as it serves as a guide for deeper discussion with a professional that can foster further insight. This workbook does not substitute for any therapy that may be needed. Do add this to your toolbox for healing resources. Resources and tools are power.

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