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Experience True Vitality Through a Balanced Mind, Body & Spirit


About Me

As a Certified Holistic Wellness Life Coach, and licensed professional with a Master's degree in Psychology, I bring a comprehensive approach to healing and personal growth. By considering your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, I help you explore the depths of your authentic self. Together, we work to deprogram limiting beliefs, address relationship dynamics, and cultivate spiritual growth. Using a blend of techniques such as CBT, positive and strengths based psychology, motivational interviewing, mindfulness and other non-western healing practices like meditation and breathwork, I guide you towards balance and self-discovery. My passion lies in creating safe healing spaces for men, empowering them to overcome challenges and embrace their innate capacity for self-healing. Whether through individual sessions, meditation classes, or custom curriculums, I'm here to support your journey towards wholeness and a meaningful life.

We reclaim genuine space for our identities not by rushing head first into simplistic remedies, but by engaging in the less glamorous work of paying attention to our feelings, clarifying what matters to us, detaching from what we've been told about what to think, and what to feel and being fearless in finally being who we choose to be.

My Services

Veteran Owned, Veteran Friendly

Loving Couple
Business Meeting

One-on-One Virtual Healing Session

 Healing sessions focused on your goals for personal and spiritual development. 

Relationship Success
Coaching Session

Healing sessions for couples at any relationship stage with a focus on goals such as communication, re-establishing trust after infidelity, deepening transparency, and rekindling the flame.

Career Assistance 

Ambitious professionals in need of Resume Development, Cover Letter Creation, LinkedIn Profile Development and more...

Hand Touching Water

Trusted, Quality Service 

Payment Plans Available for Select Services

Your Journey is YOURS. Your timing and your pace is on your terms


Receive encouragement to find creative solutions for tackling life's challenges

In this safe space you are free to be who you really are to help become who you want to be


All client sessions and information are 100% confidential and in compliance with HIPPA standards


Your coach strives to stay abreast new methodologies and holistic treatments for healing by attending seminars, workshops and conducting research

Gain a deeper understanding of self, spirituality and your pathway to make long term changes

Computer desktop

100% Virtual

Private sessions in the comfort of your own home. 


Flexible Scheduling 

Flexible availability to fit your life. Evening times available.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread some love


Genuine understanding of every client's life and situation

Who I Help

  • Individuals who are at least 18+ experiencing stressful life transitions such as: the birth of a child, emptying the nest, experiencing a loss of previous capacities due to a disability, job loss/gain, acquiring an illness/disease, release from incarceration, divorce or separation

  • Couples in need of relationship coaching to improve communication skills, enhance intimacy, or deepen connection. Also, to include individuals that are in need of improving their vetting skills to increase their chances of finding an ideal mate in the dating world while reducing emotional risks

  • Deep thinkers with a desire to gain a more in depth understanding of themselves, and who wish to discover their purpose here in this life

  • Individuals looking for spiritual growth and seeking to modify or eliminate false concepts, limiting thoughts and beliefs, and gain new insights about who they really are to allow the inner self within to manifest fully

  • Professionals in need of identifying their ideal career or in need of a professionally written resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile

  • Veterans & their families that are transitioning from military to civilian life

“Keiana is very attentive, and I felt comfortable working with her quickly. She really understood the things I was having trouble figuring out. I am so glad I have the clarity about my life that I do now”

Katlyn M., 

Testimonials are, unpaid, unsolicited, and clients were not given promotions, free services or benefits in exchange. Reviews are non-representative of all clients and do not guarantee similar, better or worse results. Opinions presented are applicable to the individuals only and results may vary from person to person. 

I do not want to assume but........

You've Stopped By Here Because.....

  • You've tried traditional therapy, but some things just still aren't coming together for you

  • You've finally admitted to yourself that it is time to commit fully to enhancing your life, discovering a new way to connect to yourself and relate to the world by adding more meaning to your own existence.

  • You know where your issues come from (for the most part)... but it’s not practical. You’re like, great, what do I actually do now that I know this? You are STILL trying to overcome blockages, wounds, old patterns, & negative beliefs that are holding you back from having the life you want and being who you want to be. 

  • You are aware that the world can be a chaotic place making it difficult to find peace, meaning and understanding. While you ruminate and attempt to make sense of how you perceive the world, sometimes your own thoughts can become a clutter which leaves you needing an objective stance to give clarity and insight from a life coach.

  • You don't want to spend years in traditional therapy but are willing to do the work in creating solutions that work to help you achieve your personal, spiritual and relationship goals.

  • You are eager to decode your brain's patterns of thoughts to obtain long-term change in behaviors and self. You have a desire to learn to recognize how your mind organizes itself to interpret the world by learning to identify the basic symbols and triggers your mind uses to create your current belief system (a process called schemas)

  • You want to reach your goals but are just not sure where to start! 

  • You are feeling stuck and can't quite put your finger on what is holding you back.

  • You are tired of being alone and have had little success using the dating techniques you've learned.

  • A major life transition is or has happened and you are experiencing discomfort with the change.

If Any of This Sounds Like You,
You Are in the Right Place....

You are not alone. 
Research show that that 76% of respondents in a study reported feeling stuck in their personal lives, feel anxious about their futures (31%), trapped in the same routines (27%) and lonelier than ever before (26%).  The amount of people who feel little to no control over their personal and professional lives doubled since the start of the pandemic. People noted they have lost control over their futures (43 percent); personal lives (46 percent); careers (41 percent); and relationships (39 percent). Are you ready to take back control of your life with renewed clarity and a plan for being triumphant over life's challenges?


So, You've Decided to Book a Session? What now?

Image by Samantha Gades

Courage is a wonderful catalyst to exercising your right to choose. Today, in this moment you are choosing YOU! You have decided to book a session. Great! Allow me to reduce some of the uncertainties for you. 

Initial Consultation

During your 30-minute phone call you will have the opportunity to explain briefly what your presenting issues are. An initial goal will be established. (please note that goals can change as requested by you with the help of your coach). You will complete a questionnaire that gives your coach an idea of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual status. 

First Session

You and your coach begin to build a safe, non-judgmental space where you can be continuously open and honest about who you are and what you are trying to achieve. Your coach will offer insight, help you decipher your own thoughts, and identify any barriers that stand between you and your goals. Every session will be concluded with a custom affirmation for you and your needs.


Life happens! Your next session is days if not a week or more away! It's ok to have a little support along the way. You will have access to your coach by using your complimentary 30-minute follow up phone calls. Simply text your coach and your 30-minutes begins once she accepts and begins your support call. This can be done via text or by phone only.*

*support calls are included with healing packages only. Available during the weekday only between designated times

Sessions are like...

The process of coaching works if you work it. Knowledge and resources is power! You will learn techniques that will help you even when you are not in session such as deep breathing, mindfullness meditation and homework will be given at times. Affirmations, CBT, motivational interviewing, and mindfullness meditation will be exercised through each session customized for your needs and goals.

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