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What's In Your Toolbox?

Healing is a continuous process. The truth is that the world does not always offer a safe space to thrive and heal peacefully. This means we must always be prepared to enter onto the path of healing at any time to rescue ourselves from the impact of trauma. Do you have the tools to save yourself? Doctors have equipment and machines to help with treating patients. EMT's have special tools to help save lives as they transport them to the hospital. Therapists and life coaches use sound therapy, light therapy, journaling and more intangible tools like mindfulness meditation and even hypnosis to help clients. As a self-healer what tools do you have in your toolbox? Let's be honest. Even if you are in therapy or seeing a life coach, life happens when not in session. Consider yourself taking on the role as a healer and student of self. This means that you must build knowledge and educate yourself by doing research to better understand what ails you. Take a seat in the classroom of the mind and access the tools to help you heal over and over again. 











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An Open Letter to Self-Healers and Generational Trauma Cycle Breakers

Dear You,

      This journey of life that you have been on has not been easy. Loss, disappointment, unexpected changes and the overall feeling of general anxiety over what will happen next can be a lot to handle. You cry, yell, get angry and sometimes even project and you regret it all after it is said and done. Some even learn to cope and bury the trauma deep down until it his hidden in darkness. Life is full of uncertainties, and this can generate fear, especially in these post-pandemic times. The only thing to be certain of is how you control your emotions, manage your thoughts and, most importantly, how much effort that you choose to put into recreating your life and reprogramming your mind. The only question now is: Are you willing to do the work?

    Throughout my life, I have dived deeply into understanding myself, dissecting my mind, shedding family traumas, and understanding and feeling my way through the cycles of life. I granted myself permission to experience the pain and unpleasant emotional affects as I transmuted it into love, growth and wisdom. This process took getting to know myself more intimately. Do you know who you are? Not who your parents told you that you should be based on their own interpretations of you. Not according to your peers, social circles, in-laws, or any organizations or affiliations that you may belong to. The world often tells us who we are before we get a chance to look in the mirror and see ourselves without influence. The viewpoints, value systems, and concepts of ourselves and the world can enforce us to develop lives that do not suit us. This leads to an overall sense of dis-satisfaction with life and feelings of confusion of what our purpose truly is. This can be breeding ground for depression, anxiety, low-self-esteem. It may cause you to feel disconnected from yourself and the world. You have a valuable spirit with a purpose in this life on Earth in which it seeks to carry out. When you do not honor that purpose or become distracted by people, places and things, that is the moment where you may begin to feel dis-ease set in. 

       Personally, I fought through the process of discovering my authentic self. It is not at all simple but worth every moment of finding out who you are and re-discovering the power that you've had all along. I battled through the confusion and went to war not just with my shadow self, but also with my light. My light wanted to burn for truth and yearned for purpose and alignment with my impersonal self. My shadow wanted to be understood, decoded and given room to grow. So, I allowed it to play in healthier ways instead of trying to shame or sudbue it. Isolation was a close friend as people failed to relate to, and support my process. I had to question everything that I knew, removing what did not feel true to me. It is a journey that I am still traveling on. It is a continuous process of being your authentic self because as we learn and grow, we change and must fall in love with new versions of ourselves. I can't tell you how many versions of myself that I have been already! They all carried their own distinct needs and purpose for that stage in life. Like snakeskin, it sheds with growth and renews multiple times throughout the course of a lifetime. That is just how nature intended. So why do we fight it? For comfort, out of fear, guilt or self-punishment? How do you adjust to change dear friend?

       Me being here with you as you are reading this, and helping others with their transformations is my purpose. I serve as a guide for others on their journey, and to change lives for the better through holistic and natural means. Being a therapist and life coach was very intentional. Based on my research, and what I know has worked for myself and my clients, I create products, curriculums and self-help materials so that you can define your true self and practice the art of healing.  Having the tools and knowledge to do so is essential for life. Let me be the first to tell you that it should NOT take years of therapy and coaching to learn how to heal yourself.  BUT it does take time to become efficient in using such tools and knowledge to become your very own healer. This should be just as a critical part of life as learning how to read, write, talk and look both ways when crossing the street. Life happens and none of us are exempt from the balance of life that is the ups and downs, and the joys and the sorrows. We must learn to free ourselves from the urge to resist change and to have an answer for everything happening right then and there. Letting go and being uncertain is ok. How fun would life be if we always knew what to expect? Seek to find comfort in the here and now. Choose to be in the moment and allow your thoughts and feelings to flow up and down just as nature does. Do so without judgment or restraint. Balance yourself in gratitude for all cycles. You are part of nature and a very much part of the flow it operates under. Will you let go of the attachments and the coping mechanisms in exchange for flow and learning?

     As a therapist and life coach I aim to put the power into your hands. You can do it! I believe in you! You are the generational curse breakers, the self-healers and the ones to modify cycles for the better. Life is a cycle and wish not to interrupt it but to set it straight in love and balance. Remember it is never too late to be who you really want to be and live the life that you want. I am here to assist with that. Thank you for trusting me to help you on your path towards health, wellness and balance!

Much love, light and healing to you all!

Keiana Ashley, MA


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