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What aspects make up your life? Your diet, lifestyle, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual are all areas of your life that contribute to your overall well being. In order to live well and be well, the whole person must be considered to maintain balance from all the essential areas of life. This includes, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. In today's world we all are making endeavors to improve ourselves. How have you been trying to increase the quality of your life and person? Eating better? Or, deepening your spirituality? Do you feel balanced? Often we focus too much or too less on one or more areas of our lives, which can create an imbalance and can negatively impact other areas of your life. You may be dedicated to going to the gym on a consistent basis but if you are not well emotionally, no matter what you see in the mirror you still may not feel good about yourself.

Many of us are desperately trying to live up to the standards we place on ourselves in regards to who we think we should be. These standards stem from what we have learned from family, friends and society. Have you ever asked yourself are those standards indeed your standards? Are you trying to become the person that YOU want to be? Ask yourself, is what you are doing with your life making you happy? Do you feel centered? Balanced?

It may seem understandably overwhelming to try to achieve such balance. Especially in such a demanding world that gives us little time to really do what we need to do for ourselves to feel fulfilled. Let me reassure you, it is very possible. As a Holisitic Wellness Life Coach I am specifically trained and have the tools to evaluate all 6 areas of wellness in your life. I help facilitate with you the steps required for you to feel the peace, balance, wholeness that you deserve and desire. The 6 areas of wellness include: 


  •  Emotional Wellness

    • The ability to manage your emotions in a healthy way; having an in depth understanding of your ​triggers; being self aware of thoughts and feelings; using effective coping strategies to get you through difficult times; and maintaining positive relationships with others.

  • Physical Wellness

    • Sustaining a healthy diet fit for your body's needs; exercising healthy sleeping patterns; engaging in regular physical activity; understanding the connection of physical activity and diet and what it has on your mental health (gut-brain axis, did you know that the good and bad bacteria in your gut can have an impact on the development and maintenance of mental health disorders?)

  • Social Wellness

    • Enhancing interpersonal relationships​ and genuine fostering connections with supportive people; cutting toxic people out of your life; creating and enforcing healthy boundaries; and keeping in contact with loved ones.

  • Occupational Wellness

    • Achieving a sense of accomplishment through aligning what you are good at and ​your passion with your career goals; living doing work that aligns with your personal expectations and core values.

  • Intellectual Wellness

    • Promoting the continuous growth of your person through travel, learning new things, and participating in creative endeavors and hobbies. ​

  • Spiritual Wellness

    • Attunement with your self, whether that's through religious beliefs, ​morals, values and overall meaning and purpose of life; aligning those beliefs, faiths, morals and values with your actions so that you feel consistent and balanced. 


Evaluating these areas will dictate what is out of balance and what needs to be done to improve the quality of your life. I will use an array of holistic organic techniques and strategies such as visualization, mindfulness and chakra cleansing and attunement practices to help you reach the level of optimal wellness. 


How I Can

Help You

Life has a way of providing opportunities for us to change and become better people. When these transitions happen we are often faced with needing to change something about ourselves in order to adapt. Holisitic Coaching can help restore or create balance that you may have never had. I like to view change as life's way of letting us know it's time to upgrade ourselves. Whether we need to change the way we view our situations, our lifestyle or reconstruct our way of thinking, feeling and being, it is needed to achieve a balanced state of mind, body and spirit. Sometimes it requires letting go of old habits, behavior or thinking patterns that no longer serve us. This can be difficult but you do not have to do it alone. 

Are you experiencing.....

  • A need to gain insightful feedback from a non-judgmental source

  • Feeling unfulfilled or unsatisfied with your life

  • Divorce/Separation

  • Military to Civilian Transition

  • Job loss/gain

  • Loss of previous capacities or abilities

  • New parenting/emptying the nest

  • Self exploration/finding purpose

  • Stress/anxiety

  • Career transition

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